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256SOG Tiptoe Through the Tulips Photography Workshop – April 19th, 2015


Tulip Photography workshop at the Roozengaarde display gardens with photographer Charles Lupica; April 19th 2015, 6am – 3pm

Enjoy a day in the famous tulip fields and display gardens of the Roozengaarde tulip farm near the beautiful Pacific Northwest town of Mt Vernon, Washington. The workshop takes place during the 2015 Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. In addition to the tulips, there may be crocus, daffodils and iris in bloom. here are more than 150 varieties of tulips and over 250’000 bulbs planted in the display garden; though it’s unlikely that all the varieties will be in bloom when we visit.CWLUP-8116-BW

This is a great way to start your macro flower photography for 2015. For this very special event we offer entry to the gardens, a full morning of shooting the gardens and the tulip fields and an afternoon review at a local meeting room. The review session will cover Lightroom, some basic Photoshop techniques, and an introduction to the NIK Collection of plugins including Color Effects Pro 4 and Silver Effects Pro 2. The complete workshop is only $375.

We will meet before dawn in hopes that we will have a beautiful sunrise. As the morning progresses we will be learning how to shoot wide angle images of the fields and macro close ups. Special topics will include using a black backdrop and reflectors to direct natural light into your flower photography.

We had a fantastic time last year. Please don’t miss this one. Seats are limited so sign up soon. This is a one day workshop and the group size is limited to only ten people.

Bring a snack for breakfast. Lunch is not included. There are picnic tables and food booths so you can pack a lunch or buy something to eat from one of the food vendors. This is the Pacific Northwest and it’s green for a reason.  Be sure to wear clothes appropriate to walking and kneeling in muddy fields. Bring rain gear for you and your equipment.

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CWLUP-8263-ModifierTiptoe through the tulips Photography Workshop

Tiptoe Through the Tulips Photography Workshop by 256 Shades of Gray with Charles Lupica, at Roozengaarde display gardens, Mt. Vernon, Washington. From 6am to 3pm, $375. [ Does not include lunch, transportation to Roozengaarde, or parking. ]

More fun to come for 2015. Stay tuned! :)

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Guided Photo Tours

Charles Lupica is an international award winning photographer, writer, and workshop leader. Charles has lived in most parts of the US, GUAM, and spent 15 years in Switzerland.  He recently returned to the Pacific Northwest and makes his home in Redmond Washington.

If you have a tour in mind that’s not listed, we can tailor a tour to locations that you would like visit. Charles can craft a tour to meet your needs. Private one-day tours / workshops starting at just $750. Multiple day tours are possible.

Contact Charles via 256SOG for more information.

Private workshops

256 SOG Photography Workshops are more focused on the art of creating the photo. We’ll start with discussing how to develop a Vision through Intent, capturing the image by thinking about the process and trying to previsualize the outcome, and working in post processing to sculpt the raw image into a piece of art. If you want to take your photography to the next level, a 256 SOG workshop is for you. A private workshop is two days. It includes a day in the field getting to understand what Vision is and is not.  How Intent frees us from an unending and unsatisfying Vision Quest and how to best capture the image. Then we’ll spend part of a day behind the computer processing a portion of your work.

– See more at of Charles’s work at http://www.cwlupica.com or visit Charles’ Google Plus stream: http://plus.google.com/+CharlesLupica

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