What is the difference between a Photowalk, PhotoTour and a Photography Workshop?

A group of photographers get together to shoot a few pictures and to socialize with other photographers.  The photographers usually live in the same general area and share their ideas on photography and places to go to shoot as a group or favorite places to shoot individually.  The goal of a photowalk is to get out and socialize with other photographers.

A Photo Tour is a guided event promoted and sponsored by an individual or organization, with an associate fee. The goal of a photo tour is to take photographers to the best places at the best times of day.  There is minimal instruction. The guide will often offer helpful tips and will try to take people to the best vantage points. If the tour includes other photographers,  they will often offer to help if help is sought. The goal of a photo tour is to get photographers to the best places. Tours generally operate on your timeframe so they may not get you to the best places at the best times. Private photo tours by local photographers are an excellent way to see some of the local attractions.

Photography Workshop
A Photography Workshop is the next logical step in the hierarchy.  In addition to taking the photographers to the best places to shoot at the best times of day, there is a “training session” before each days shooting, onsite instruction / help provided by one or more knowledgeable instructors during the day’s shooting and a review session in the afternoon or evening; which provides positive critique and tips for improving the photography of the participants.  The goal of a workshop is to help people take their photography to a higher level.


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